Unlock the Doors of Opportunity in Your Community.

Our digital platform, Prosperi-Key, connects households living paycheck-to-paycheck with those who want to help.

Connecting hard-working households with local businesses, nonprofits, and donors that want to see them thrive.

Our platform, Prosperi-Key, provides personalized access to resources for those living paycheck-to-paycheck, known in the United Way community as ALICE®. ALICE, which stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained and Employed, make up an astonishing 43% of the US population. The underlying solution to this problem is not only knowing the ALICE community and their needs, but providing an easy way to help them navigate towards help. We know this community and we have worked directly with ALICE to build our platform. Prosperi-Key ensures local resources are recruited to help Prosperi-Key Members, and revenue gets reinvested back into the same community.

Our goal is to work with:


Families in need


Businesses who care



We Hold the Keys to Shared Success

Gain new loyal customers by offering free or discounted services and products. Do good while growing your business.


Gain new loyal customers by offering free or discounted services and products.


Find and match families and individuals with your programs.


Show your support of hard working heroes while directly impacting local economies.


Connect with your Community via life-changing opportunities to help households and programs.

If you would like to learn more about unlocking opportunities, we are excited to speak with you.

Local United Ways Partner with Prosperi-Key

United Way mobilizes the caring power of communities across the nation to advance the common good. That’s why it made sense to partner together – United Way is in every local community bringing together business, nonprofit, government, education and donors to solve problems and improve lives.


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