Keep Healthy Resolutions: Six Free Resources if Money is Tight

Six Free Resources to Help Reach Healthy Goals

My first resolution for 2023 was to stay on top of communications. So how is it that we are at the end of January, and it’s taken me this long to write my first communication? Life moves so fast, and it can be hard to keep up. I blink, and another week has gone by, and I wish I had accomplished more, rested more, contemplated more, and socialized more. 

It’s natural to make resolutions at the start of a new year and to try and become a better version of ourselves. But if I really want to achieve my goals, I need to be disciplined and make it routine.

According to research, about half of our daily actions are repetitive. The Harvard Business Review’s article “What Does It Really Take to Build a New Habit” states that “unlike habits, routines are uncomfortable and require a concerted effort.”

In contrast, habits are ingrained in our daily routine, and it feels strange not to do them. Making something a habit requires you first to build it into your routine. Ugh, that sounds like work! 

Everyone sets out to make positive changes and new routines, including people with resources and those without a stable income. But for those who face financial uncertainty, the goals may be limited, and the barriers may come more quickly. It’s tougher to start new routines when the stressors seem to come at you daily. The car breaks down, the kids have a birthday party to go to, and someone needs a new medicine – unexpected costs mean setting aside funds for family time, health and wellness, or savings aren’t always possible.

Living paycheck to paycheck can feel very lonely, but you aren’t alone. Many people you see working every day struggle to make ends meet. In fact, 43% of U.S. households are not financially stable and are one paycheck away from crisis. So, more than 400 million low-income households could use extra resources this year to help meet their personal goals.

As we enter 2023 at warp speed, maybe we could all create some time in our daily routine to offer a hand up to those in need. 

I’m happy to recommend a few free resources that are great for moderate to low-income households (almost half a billion across the nation) trying to achieve health and wellness goals that are usually out of reach due to a lack of funds.

Family Goals: More Culture without Breaking the Piggy Bank

Museums for All  |  Enriched Experiences for Low-Income Households

Museums for All is dedicated to helping people in need feel welcome in cultural establishments. The organization is a complimentary resource for families and individuals to find local museums and zoos that offer discounted rates. Due to the cost of gas, public transportation, and admission fees, it can be difficult for parents to provide their children with enlightened experiences. Many zoos and museums are partnering with Museum for All to offer tickets as low as $3.00 or free to people who qualify based on income.

Prosperi-Key   |   Travel Discounts You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

Join a community dedicated to your health, wealth, and happiness. If your income qualifies for membership (moderate- to low-income households), Prosperi-Key Plus offers thousands of travel discounts for that memorable family trip. We all need a hand-up sometimes.

Nutrition & Fitness Resolutions: Help with Healthy Diets 

Jane Esselstyn, RN   |   Free Cooking Demonstrations & Meal Planning

Dr. Jane Esselstyn and her mom are passionate about sharing their work, research, and high-energy cooking demonstrations in supporting plant-based nutrition for the world. The dynamic duo has been cooking a diverse and extensive list of plant-based meals together for decades. The altruistic mother-daughter team offers hundreds of free cooking demonstrations and healthy recipes on their YouTube channel, @JaneEsselstyn.   |    15 Filling Family Dinners That Won’t Break the Bank

Cooking affordable, nutritious dinners that the whole family will eat is no easy task. But, with the right recipes, you can keep the entire family happy without blowing your budget. We’ve picked out 15 budget-friendly dinners that families love and that are not too costly.  |   Free Nutrition Research in Bite-sized Videos

Michael Greger, M.D., founded, FACLM in honor of his grandmother, who saved her life by following a healthier diet. The nutrition portal boasts over 1,000 complimentary fact-based updates in bite-sized videos and captions available in multiple languages. 

New videos and blogs are added to the portal daily. Topics include the benefits of whole foods, vegan diets, disease prevention, and longevity. is a free resource for people of all cultures. Plus, Dr. Greger offers an entire Spanish-language site (high-five).

Garage Fitness Girl, Penny Barnshaw  |   Affordable ($0) Virtual Fitness Trainer

Penny Barnshaw’s YouTube channel, @garagefitnessgirl, is a passion project born from her decision to leave 20 years of working in gyms as a certified personal trainer. Garage Fitness Girl is (you guessed it) free and helps people of all shapes and sizes with weight loss.

Basic gym memberships cost between $30 and $70 per month per person, which doesn’t include a personal trainer.

Barnshaw’s HIIT workouts are for men and women looking for high-intensity exercise for at-home activities. Garage Fitness Girl’s extensive video library is packed with training sessions that start as short as 25 minutes, and many are over an hour!

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